About Us


Our Mission

At Empowering Consulting Group, our mission is to be the driving force behind the success and growth of businesses. We specialize in strategic and transformative consulting services, empowering organizations by optimizing processes and systems, illuminating leadership development, providing comprehensive training, coaching for individual and team excellence, cultivating positive team cultures, enhancing communication, and fostering meaningful connections.

We Empower Your Business

We recognize the importance of understanding the unique heartbeat of each organization. We believe in the power of collaboration, innovation, and continuous improvement, working as dedicated partners to unlock the full potential of our clients. Our multifaceted approach serves as a catalyst for positive change, driving organizational excellence and empowering businesses to achieve their highest aspirations. At Empowering Consulting Group, we don’t just consult; we inspire, guide, and collaborate to ensure your business not only thrives but also pulsates with vitality.



We empower individuals and organizations to unlock their full potential, fostering growth, resilience, and confidence.


We believe in the power of collaboration and teamwork. By fostering an environment where diverse ideas come together, we create innovative solutions and deliver exceptional results for our clients. Collaboration is the key to achieving common goals.


We are dedicated to the continuous growth and development of ourselves and our clients, embracing change as an opportunity for learning and improvement.

Meet Our Founder

Lindsey Leuschen

The founder of Empowering Consulting Group, is a highly accomplished and dedicated consultant who has helped numerous individuals and organizations achieve their goals and unlock their full potential with her Business Consulting, Leadership Consulting and Corporate Consulting. With a passion for entrepreneurship and a deep understanding of business strategies, Lindsey empowers her clients to thrive in the competitive business landscape.